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About Us

about us

My great-grandfather, Benedetto, started in the food business in 1900, when he opened a typical taverna in Borgetto, in the province of Palermo, serving local wines such as Passito, Inzolia and, of course, Sicilian reds, pasta, salads and Sicilian dishes. Then my father continued the family tradition, and, like many Sicilians, moved to America after WWII. Along with his passion for culinary art, he had amission: to give back, through traditional cooking, the flavors of Sicily to the community of immigrants in Brooklyn.

I started working at my uncle’s Pizzeria in New Jersey when I was twelve years old, and have carried on in the family tradition ever since: the first Francesco’s opened on New York City’s Upper West Side at Columbus Ave., in 1999, and was followed by Francesco’s in Burlington, NJ in 2002.  In 2014 we began this very pizzeria, Francesco's in Milltown, NJ.

Why Milltown, NJ?

We are thrilled to be here in the 'walking town' of Milltown. We look forward to meeting all of our Milltown neighbors personally, and hope you will use Francesco's as your dining room away from home...Our family lives locally in East Brunswick, and we are very excited to finally have a Pizzeria within minutes of our home.  

Why we are so proud of our food…

From the day we opened Francesco’s we have taken great pride in our food. We came from four generations of Italian chefs who were passionate about their cooking. We have tried to capture their passion and authenticity in the food we serve at our restaurant.

Our recipes…

Many of the items you see on our menu are prepared from recipes that have been handed down by our fathers and their fathers (and mothers). Our ingredients… Everything is fresh, nothing is frozen. Because tomatoes, olive oil and flour are the heart and soul of Italian cuisine, we import ours from Italy. Even our pizza crust is made with Italian virgin olive oil. We hope you will enjoy your meal with us, and that you will come back often!